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Level 1: snake, snake, oh it’s a snake

SnakeIt’s been 3 weeks since I started learning how to make games, and I’m happy to say that my first game is finally up! Of course, it’s just snake, but finishing anything is always an accomplishment (especially for INTPs. We’re notorious for never finishing stuff once the “good ideas” have been kind of sketched out).

I’ve basically only been able to do anything during my lunch breaks, so I’m squeezing out the game in 1-2 hour blocks, and even then maybe only thrice a week. Some days I start coding after my wife and kid have gone to bed, and go on to midnight, but that’s rough on my body – I’m not twenty any more! All nighters are just no!

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We must make the games we wish to play in the world

We must make the games we wish to play in the world – Auntie Pixelante

Those crystals are toast

I’ve been playing a lot of Hero Academy lately, for the past 2 years, really, and even started a rather in depth blog, Oh My Void Monks, about the strategies and tactics in the game.

There’s just one thing that Hero Academy lacks, though, and that’s fireballs. What? Fireballs? Yes, fireballs.

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Level 0: the beginning

Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to make games. I made games that you could play on paper (a horribly broken implementation of go), I drew mazes, I tried to make a “card game”.

Remember this one? It got turned into a SMB3 minigame if you had 2 players…

Then I got my first computer, a 8086, or an IBM XT (compatible, probably). It booted into a BASIC interpreter if you didn’t have a startup disk inserted. I remember the day a Mario game (the original Mario game!) told me my computer was too crappy and I had to upgrade to an AT to play it, and that I should, because “the game was really fun!”.

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