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Level 3: jumping on things

I dare say the first gaming experience most people had back in the day was a platformer. It’s hard to imagine, but back in the day, platformers were like greybrownchesthigh spunkgargleweewee games are today – the default for every game. Some were great, most were not. Those that were great went on to do great things, like Mario and Sonic, and we never really questioned why the act of jumping on things was so entertaining.
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Level 2: Why do we make things?

SG screencap

So my current project is coming along… nicely… as you can see from the gif up there (for certain values of “nice”. Animation is hard). Unity actually provides really good physics, so you never really have to code too much. For the above, including keyboard controls, I didn’t have to code more than 15 lines or so, and the barrels are completely code free!

I need to get the police officers done, and I’m wondering if should leave the shooting off til later – shooting would be totally help the theme of the game, but at the same time, I don’t want this to become a shooting game – it’s a game primarily about running. Hrm. Still, for prototyping and testing, I should probably have a semi-finished build. Then, I’ll start working on creating the “endless” part of the endless runner. Continue reading