Game Idea: Spin of friendship

A simple game idea that came to my mind when watching a Heroes of the Storm video – the Spin of Friendship.


2 Player game.

At the start of each round, each player holds a button to spin their character.

The longer you spin, the faster you spin.

While both players are spinning, “Friendship Points (FP)” are accumulated but not awarded.

Either player may release their button at any time.

Once a player releases their button, their character (“Shooter”) takes aim at the other character (“Friend”). The faster the Shooter was spinning when their button was released, the faster the Shooter will finish taking aim.

If the Friend does not also stop spinning before Shooter finishes taking aim, the Friend immediately loses, regardless of the number of rounds remaining.

If the Friend manages to stop spinning before the Shooter finishes taking aim, the Friend gains  all the FP accumulated for that round.

3 rounds are played. If within these 3 rounds a player’s FP exceeds a certain set amount, such player wins.

If by the end of 3 rounds neither player has been shot or has FP exceeding the set amount, the player with the highest amount of FP wins.

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