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What is a fighting game? What is the core game loop of a fighting game?

Someone on reddit had a topic – Theorycrafting: Smartphone fighting game done right. Now, his thoughts were restricted mostly to UI, but there is a more fundamental issue with fighting games on mobile, and that is the issue of latency.

But we actually beg the question – what is a fighting game? Without really answering this question, you can’t really design a “fighting game” for mobile, taking into account mobile’s limitations. Put another way, what kind of elements would need to be in a game for such a game to be recognised as a “fighting game”, and can such a game be executed well on a mobile platform?

Nothing really stood out when I did a quick search, so I’ll just pen though my thoughts and compare with whatever comes up later.

Elements of a fighting game:
2 or more players
Each player controls a player avatar
Win condition involves eliminating the other players’ avatars
Avatars are eliminated via attacks initiated by other player avatars
Attacks have a startup, active and recovery phase
Avatars can avoid attacks spatially (dodge or be out of range of attacks)

Core Game Loop:
Each player simultaneously controls their avatar.
Avatars can attack
Avatars can move spatially

I think this covers what makes a fighting games recognisable as fighting games.